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24 September 1972
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a dragon here just because I can :)

Hello and welcome here.

Erm, where to begin?

Who I am: somewhat older by LJ standards... Check above. French. Geography and environment lecturer in a French university, dreaming to leave it all and become an illustrator. Yeah. Daydreams, heh? Paraglider pilot. Mountains lover. Piano, flute and folk accordion (bad) player. Compulsive book reader, with a distinct taste for fantasy and sci-fi. Married, no children, though I'd love to.

What you'll find in this journal:

Lots of art! Mainly related to the Harry Potter fandom, but not only. The occasional update about real life, talking about flying, mountains, holidays, home, husband, family, cats and even sometimes, gasp, blargh, work.

And now for the necessary notice:

Among other things, I enjoy drawing explicit, homoerotic (slash) sex scenes, meant for an adult public.

I don't friendslock such posts, but always protect them under lj-cuts. Please be responsible and stay away from them if you don't like it or aren't of age.

As I still don't have a proper website, I finally organised my art posts in this LJ.

Go to this post for links sorted by techniques, themes and characters.

Additionally, my Elfwood and Epilogue galleries contain some of the more family-fridenly recent art and old pieces that aren't in this LJ.

My Elfwood gallery for original fantasy art and fantasy book illustrations. All sort of things, from old art of which I'm not so proud anymore to brand new art and messy sketches...
My Harry Potter Elfwood gallery. The one in the link up here. Some old paintings and a selection of the most finished and family-friendly paintings that were uploaded in this LJ.
And now, my brand new Epilogue gallery! Original fantasy and book illustrations including the Harry Potter books, only the best -the more profesionnal?- I could do, according to the very nitpicky demanding mods there... All of the pieces there were originally uploaded in this LJ, but some had to undergo digital changes to make perspective, anatomy or lighting more correct.

Elfwood Fantasy and Sci-Fi art gallery

Fantasy Art at Epilogue.net
Fantasy Art at Epilogue.net

I love gen art as much as slash and smut in general. I love the challenge you can find in illustrating a particular scene, with movement and numerous characters and creatures and precise settings and perspective problems. That's why you'll find here the link to my Elfwood and Epilogue galleries, where there's mostly gen themed art. Please don't use my LJ name when you comment there, and don't use my Elfwood name when you comment here Elfwood is under a real name policy, and as I'm a teacher, I wouldn't like my students and some of my colleagues to come across my LJ by googling my name. Thanks!

Please always ask me first before using any of the art uploaded here. I'm very likely to say yes, but I want to control what happens to the art I do! You can use anything to make icons, but please tell me! Just because I love to know and it makes me feel proud.

and some fantastic beasts just because I'm having fun putting images here

What I like, why I'm here :
More and more, for the people I met. LJ is the most friendly place I've come across in my whole internet life.

Recently, I sort of go sucked into the emerging Brokeback Mountain fandom. Was moved by the story, heartbroken by the characters, loved the actors, wanted to visit the settings! But I'm mostly lurking, though there is some BBM art here.

The Harry Potter fandom! And the original books. I also enjoy reading fanfics a lot, and try to leave feedback when I really loved something. I don't do it as often as I should, though. And let's admit it, you'll find me more often in some corners of the fandom than in others. I'm primarily a Sirius fan, and have a remainging interest for Remus/Sirius, provided that they're their not-so-glamorous, in-their-middle-thirties selves. I also enjoy watching fanart, and have more eclectic tastes when it comes to art than with fics. Give me any pairing or character, I'll love the art!

I'm not a fanfic writer, though I'd love to. But I'm not a native speaker, and even if I was, I'm not sure that I'd be a good story teller. So I'll keep my stories for myself, and make art instead :)

yes, it can get more smutty than this

About friending in LJ: I tend to friend people because I love to watch their art or read their fics. But I love to get to know people better once they're on my friends list, and I'm really amazed to discover so many brilliant and lovable people here! I don't friend back automatically, but am more likely to do if you drop me a line when you friend me. I always tell myself that I want to keep my flist at a manageable size, but I keep adding people.

Last thing : all the pics in this journal are dark monitor-friendly, because,

all hail the Dark Lord of monitors

I have the darkest monitor ever!

nimoloth made me the banner, because my monitor is darker than hers, ha.
(but I can't read the letters, they are too dark...)

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