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la brise
Fri, Apr. 4th, 2008 12:48 am

The idea for this one was born from a comment I left yesterday to fools_trifle where I described the current state of my desk.

Today's sketch is just a very small part of the clutter! She's a Senegalese fertility goddess I was given looong ago and that I dug out of her hiding this year - I love my little pretty goddess-that-doesn't work and seeing her on my desk reminds me to take all of this lightly. Well, as light as I can anyway :)

and so that you know what was really on my desk yesterday, here's a photo and a little listCollapse )

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Tue, Apr. 1st, 2008 12:52 am


Once you passed through my area and we met. We walked through the streets in the summer night and found a restaurant, we chatted and chatted and chatted and I was surprised how easy and different and warm it was to meet a lj-friend for real. I thought you were wonderful online, I found that you were incredible in person.

You had a great accent in French but felt shy using the language.

We found jazz musicians on one street with a crowd around them and you had a great time.

You had to leave for another city the next morning so there was not time for inviting you home and making this friendship grow.

It felt unachieved, and we felt we'd have time to meet again. You'd come to our house and you'd try flying, maybe, and we'd chat more and you'd use your French. Maybe we'd cross the ocean and meet you.

When I came back to lj these last months I was glad to see that you did good and enjoyed life.

Now all of this has stopped, and there won't be a next time.

Rest in peace, Anj.

Sun, Mar. 30th, 2008 09:54 pm

I'm sure I won't post that often for long, but hey, it's fun while it lasts!

I'm reposting the watercolour (sort of) sketch I did for sketching_daily today. Another one of the view from our window, as the weather has again turned back to windy, if not that cold. Not that I'm complaining, it's the kind of wind that brings some rain and we need it.

Well, the weather was just perfect to try myself at cloud painting. I already did a few exercises in painting skies two years ago when I painted on location regularly, and it's really something I feel I need to improve. Not painting for a year didn't help either, and what I managed to achieve on the summer 2006 seems very far away.

When I begin to paint clouds, I imagine those wonderfully mastered wet watercolours where clouds melt into clouds and the texture of the paper or the brush strokes are used to convey cloud shapes. Of course, that's not really what I managed to do! I think I should exercise separately painting moving objects like clouds and perfecting wet techniques - maybe, for the latter, by painting from photographies.

Well, here's today's result.

I should also remember to leave some blank space around the edge... I was getting better at it, but hey, that's why it's a sketch! Trying myself at something, not really thinking of the rest :)

And so that I don't spam too much, I'm also reposting here an OLD HP painting that I did for a Christmas exchange, smutty_claus, I think... in December 2007. I didn't post much afterwards and forgot to repost it here, and well, I like to have all my art in the same place... There's another drawing I did for this exchange, but there's, OMG, a BREAST! in it, so it'll go in its own, gasp, adult post so that this one retains its G rating :D

characters: Severus Snape, Eileen Prince Snape
rating: G

Here's the teaser. Actually, it's an enlarged part of the painting... You've probably already seen it long ago!

One day, I'll be a great potion master tooCollapse )

You know, I'd have loved it if it had turned out that the great love Snape was supposed to have felt had been for his mother. After all, there are more than one kind of love. And Snape loving his mother deeply, maybe still doing so, would have felt better to me than some unrequited teenager crush. Poor Snape.

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Sat, Mar. 29th, 2008 06:48 pm

More sketches! Some are from this winter, but one is actually from today! sketching_daily is working, I'm drawing more :D

Here's Today's sketch :

Franck ploughed around the olive trees and with the recent warm temperatures, flowers are coming out! Those two managed to push aside a well-sized earth lump and they were so lovely. I don't know how they're called in English, I'm not even sure of their name in French. I think that they are what my mother called Dames de Onze Heures, Ladies of Eleven O'clock, because they open very late in the morning - and were already closing when I finished sketching. I love the name! Maybe because I don't know if I'm much of a lady myself, but the eleven o'clock definitely applies.

two landscapey ones from this winter - and some photosCollapse )

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Wed, Mar. 26th, 2008 06:59 pm

Yeah, I'm back (again! with a vengeance!)

Once again, I've been an horrible lj-er and month-old comments aren't answered. Argh! Sorry. I've been alternatively ill again and desperately trying to do the things I should have done at work and at home while I was ill.

And so, I'm glad to tell you that on the work front ostr.acode determination is going well even if it makes me even more cross-eyed than usual (and yay! There are males of Limn.ocythere! Even though they have such a big penis than usually females feel it's better to not use them and just reproduce parthenogenetically! They're my first Limn.ocythere males!). Ahem. That's why I love doing seminars on ostrac.ode reproduction, yes, I do.

And on the home front, I've finally finished the painting my sister wanted to use for her wedding invitations. The deadline was only one month ago (and the marriage still six months from now, pheeew) so I'm proud :D

She wanted a map-like painting going from the city hall where they'll get married to the place where we'll celebrate. And as it looked somewhat empty on the preliminary sketch I decided to add the procession of people going from one place to the other.

Here it is!

With a preview :

Marianne's weddingCollapse )

Also, I began posting in sketching_daily, that wonderful community. I made a cat sketches post! Here's an excerpt :

Level of detail depending on the willingness of the cat not to move!

More at the comm!

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Sat, Feb. 16th, 2008 01:06 am

Sorry that I was even worse than usual at answering comments and just being here on LJ these last two weeks. I got something that began as bronchitis and took a turn to a laryngitis with a side of nosebleed but was believed to be the flu in the end. Yay! I think I'm out of it now but I'm not saying it too loud because last week I said so and had an interesting fever the next day

Anyway, I'm off to sleep but I'll get to these comments tomorrow!

Also, happy belated Valentine's day, flist! ♥

fools_trifle, I got your card! Thank you so much <3


Sat, Feb. 2nd, 2008 09:39 pm

Maybe you already know that I've got a musically inclined cat. Yes, the one in the icon, Marmite. She's a strange one, raised by humans in a house full of dogs and always gave us the impression that she didn't really know much about being a cat.

Through the years, she learned to hunt and jump without bumping in the funiture and play and sort of look the part, mostly by looking at our other cat. She never really got the hang of grooming herself, though, and we always wondered if she wasn't a bit, well, strange, retarded maybe?

But there's an area where she's not only good, she's positively brilliant. It's when it comes to music appreciation. When I played Led Zeppelin DVDs, she would invariably come by and sniff at the loudspeakers. We finally determined that she had a thing for music vaguely mewling-like. And this is where my accordion and me come into play. These last months, she's been particularly friendly, and particularly when I was playing the accordion! If I play, she'll come closer, and if it a walz in A and E minor, she'll rub against the accordion and will try to climb me.

He're what it looks like in pictures, under a cut because I'm still somewhat self-conscious. Franck took the pictures and he tends to frame his photos strangely and I don't think I had even combed my hair that day. Also, it was cold! And you can see the mess behind where my painting things are. Ouch.

yeah, the cat's prettier than me hereCollapse )

Sadly, the photographer, the camera noise and the flash made her behave, the second before she was pawing at the accordion...

I hope I'll get better pictures soon! After all, she comes nearly each time I play...


Sun, Jan. 27th, 2008 02:20 am

My first HP fanart since more than one year, and my second colour pic in one year! Yay me.

I'm not sure the original I copied is famous, but I like it very much, because I'd love to be bold enough to use such colours and good enough to manage to convey such peace with such a red! And also because, believe it or not, the original is by Charles Bronson, yes, this Charles Bronson. Surprising, isn't it?

That's one of the things I did while I wasn't checking LJ nor doing anything much. Quietly obsessing about Charles Bronson! And I'm not even ashamed of myself :D. All right, there are some of his films I don't even want to watch (most of the eighties stuff), but there are a lot of earlier ones that I really enjoy, and others that rise above average just because of Bronson in them. Also, the man was really, really interesting.

His art, for example, and what he did with it. He always drew or painted, even during his youth in the coalfields. He even used his GI bill to study art before turning to acting. It seems that most of his subjects were highly personal, portraits of his family and scenes from the coalfields, things he had to get out of himsef. He and his wife got a gallery in the sixties and he seems to have been appreciated enough to sell quite a lot of pieces. And then... he got famous enough, and rich enough, and couldn't stand the idea of all these paintings, so personal to him, hanging on strangers' walls. So he bought everything back, at a higher price!

the original : Late Red SkyCollapse )

Er. I'm sorry I changed the mood for the HP version!

Here's the preview:

and here's my version : Late Green Sky - rated G, nonethelessCollapse )

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Sun, Jan. 27th, 2008 02:14 am

Also because I'm about to post art and I don't want to mix the (bad) news with fandom things.

IVF #2 didn't work. It's official since last Wednesday and I've known more or less since the previous Saturday. Happily, we celebrated Franck's birthday that day (I didn't tell him then) so I could make music and drink and think of something else! Now I'm feeling somewhat better and waiting for the appointment with the RE. I have to say it's good to know that there should be other attempts.

And now for the art post!


Fri, Jan. 18th, 2008 11:30 pm

Hope it's a great one!

Thank you for being a great friend, and a great artist, and a great person.

Here are some flowers for you

And I hope you won't mind sharing those with Thistlerose because I've exhausted my stock of flower pics.