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art - Sirius reading, now in colour :)

Hum. I'm beginning to put smileys everywhere, and even in post subjects. This must stop! :))))

Yeah and it's 2:40 am, which I hope explains my present state of mind (or rather absence. of state? Of mind).

But I reached a kind of temporary finished state in the Sirius reading pic, and I wanted to post it before going to sleep. Ah, sleep. There are things I still wish to change, such as the shading of the right shoulder so that it doesn't make his shoulder look so large, and I'll also try to make the fingers of the left hand thinner. And to reduce a tiny bit the width of his forearm. I don't like that much the very pale complexion I gave him, but that can't be amended without great change of destroying the pic, so I'll leave it as it is! But nonetheless I loved to colour this one, and I'm happy with the result. I felt like I was making some sort of classical portrait...


that's Sirius!

Now that I've coloured him, he looks more like a teenager (and less like a fandom god, which I'm sort of happy with), and I hope that I gave him enough of the late seventies look. The first one of you who guesses what's on his tee-shirt wins a cookie!

Sirius reading

Coloured with pastels on a light grey LARGE sheet of paper. I love making parts of the pic stand out by adding highlights! For the moment, it's a digital camera photo, not a scan, because I feel currently sort of lazy when I think of the eight parts I'd have to scan...

Also, I'm glad of the way the book turned out :> <-- pointy smiley to change a bit

Hope you'll like!

ETA: I've amended the shoulder cloth folds, the shape of the left hand fingers and other tiny details. I don't think it makes such a difference for any other than myself, but it makes me feel better ;) I've taken another photo, because I'm afraid of smudging the pastel on the scanner, even with the fixative. So the coulours and contrasts are a bit different from reality, even if I tried to make it as close as possible. So that's now the finished finished version! I don't feel like adding a background on this one, because I'd be afraid of losing the figure and shading balance in the whole picture...
Tags: g, pastels, sirius
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