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la brise
Thu, Aug. 28th, 2008 02:08 pm

Hello, visitor!

My LJ is currently the place that holds most of my art, and the only one where all the recent art is stored. So, as it doesn't seem that I'll manage to make myself a website soon, here's a way to find what you're looking for.

Please note that there is some adult art down there. Look at the rating before clicking on a cut, and please be responsible! Thanks.

My art, sorted by:


The smut's only in the HP fandom, it seems.

G-rated art

PG-rated art


PG13-rated art

R-rated art

NC-17 rated art


watercolour and watercolour inks. The technique I've been using the most regularly since the beginning of this LJ.

pastels. I had tried oil pastels long ago, but wasn't really convinced. You'll see a very occasional drawing done with this medium, though. But it's really cluegirl who got me started on pastel pencils and chalk pastels. I'll never thank her enough for this! Probably my favourite technique for indoor scenes and nuances of skin.

pen and ink. Been trying this very recently, and I'm still in the experiencing stage. A very interesting medium, but unforgiving! And time consuming if I want the pic to look neat.

CG art. Mouse-coloured pencil sketches, in fact. I still haven't got any tablet. Very rare, and to see if I could do it. ETA: I have a tablet now! Still discovering how it works, though. You can see some of the results here! And I still think I prefer the more physical sensations of natural media...

pencil sketches and other quick doodles. Quite a lot of them, not all have got any artistic quality, though.

And while we're into techniques,

the step by step stories of how I made some of these art pieces, with photos.

by fandom, or not.

all kinds of original and non-fandom themed art

fantasy art

some discworld pics

And the brand new Brokeback art!

And of course, the Harry Potter fandom gets several categories all by itself.

by character

Non character-centric pictures, magical creatures, etc.

Sirius. Still my favourite character, so you didn't think I wouldn't put him first?

Remus. A most beloved character, too.

Snape. Can't say that I love him, but oh how the man fascinates me!





Fred and George






Remus in wolf form

Sirius in dog form




Harry Potter fandom, by pairing

Heh, you'll find mostly Remus/Sirius! But quite a few others as well, usually made for friends.

Remus/Sirius. OTP :)

Snape/Lucius Because underlucius is convincing!

Percy/Tonks For thistlerose! I love the idea of Tonks with any Weasley, and I hope to make more of the kind.

Sirius/Hermione For satinvalkyrie. Liz, I miss you!

Lucius/Sirius My friendslist likes Sirius ;)

Remus/Harry, for cenori.

Sirius/Harry for waccawheels.


Bill/Fleur. In the background, but here's the real love story :)


Sirius/Bill, for satinvalkyrie's condom challenge.

Threesomes, one of the trio, the other of the marauders minus Peter (poor Peter).

That's all for now, and I hope you'll enjoy the art!


Thu, Jun. 12th, 2008 06:14 pm

* Am very tired

* but no OHSS (yet)

* Retrieval was last Friday, 9 eggs, 8 mature, 7 fecundated (huh? where were the others? probably a lot of small immature follicles)

* 6 normal embryos at day 2

* 1 (one) surviving blastocysts (= adequately grown embryo) transferred today, no remaining embryos to freeze.

* read Rowling's short story, gave me a big grin :D

* and did I mention I'm very tired? And also completely unproductive.


Wed, Jun. 4th, 2008 06:58 pm

After daily ultrasounds and bloodwork for three days, the reproductive endocrinologists, all two of them, that I could go on with the ovarian stimulation for my usual nine days. I made my last injection yesterday, which brought my estradiol levels to 4200 or so (it was 2600 at the same time during the previous two attempts!). This is really high and means that there's a risk of ovarian hyperstimulation, but for now I'm feeling good enough, tired and a little bloated but no spectacular swelling or abdominal ache. It also means that there's a good chance of getting more mature eggs at the retrieval *touches wood*.

I'm doing the trigger injection for the final eggs maturation this evening and the retrieval is scheduled for Friday morning. Then the potential embryos will get a five days in-vitro culture and if some of them withstand the process, the embryo transfer will be next Wednesday.

For the moment, that bathing in my hormones thing makes me strangely emotional and does stranger things to my music tastes. I've found Bette Midler's The Rose on Youtube, am listening to it on repeat and it makes me cry. Heh.


Mon, Jun. 2nd, 2008 03:09 pm

Behold my icon that's totally in accordance with the clarification of LJ TOS :)

It's also from the sketch of the not-really-working-until-now Senegalese fertility goddess standing on my computer desk.

All of this to say that I'm once again sorry for not updating, and that the icon is relevant to what's happening right now, see below. I still sort of was on LJ this last month and even sketched semi-regularly and uploaded the result to sketching_daily (and oops, there are comments in need of answering there - and here). I'll upload those sketches here too, but I wanted to do it with an added comment, as most of them would work as a "one month in a life of nassima series, only with a few sketches instead of a truckload of photos. But I never found the energy to make those posts and the sketches are only piling up in my image account. Life outside of the computer has been somewhat hectic as my father had another operation (he's recovering now) and I tried to visit and take care of my mother a bit more. Also, I couldn't completely avoid research meetings at work, not that they weren't interesting (swamps! ten thousand years old! registering climate changes! being dried up for agriculture!) but they were, well, work.

Here's an aerial picture of the swamp we're working on - it looks like a heart, don't you think? The camembert-like things (brie-like? US people seem to know brie better than camembert), well the pie-like shape is caused by the agricultural draining. People in the 13th century actually dug a hole in the middle of the swamp and a subterranean gallery rejecting the water in the main valley some tens meters below.

And while we're at work-related pictures, why not using this entry to begin posting sketches?

Here's an archaeologist sketched precisely during the meeting we had about that swamp. You can see a small map of said swamp in the corner!

He might not look like Indiana Jones, but this doesn't mean his working activities aren't glamorous! During lunch, he told us about his field project for this summer : they're going to dig into a medieval cliff settlement. The path is so steep that even mules or donkeys won't be able to go through. Everything and everyone will have to be roped up and down...

at another scale : my stereomicroscope and what I see in it, also a quickie of uni being swamped (swamps everywhere!) and other things from workCollapse )

As for the fertility goddess : I'm in the middle of my third IVF cycle (fourth if you count the frozen-thawed embryo transfer).

more about IVF and its sordid detailsCollapse )

That's all for now! I'm off answering comments :)

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Sat, Apr. 19th, 2008 07:05 pm

And now for the sketch dump :)

Here's the one from today, a self-portrait in an ethnic mirror.

Done in pen and ink, with one big ink blotch on the eye/nose area that I tried to scratch out, no pencil preparatory outline.

I don't know what kind of ethnic it is, by the way - the mirror was a present. What do you think?
As for the portraying part, well, the ear is strange, the forehead is a bit low and the mouth too small, but my family visited and they recognised me! Yay. And this is my usual concentrated face when I draw/play music/cook/prune olive trees. Franck always think there's something wrong, but the truth is that I look evil when I don't remember to smile! Also, my aunt arrived when I was finishing and wanted to try.

here she is drawing herself under the cutCollapse )

Drawing so close to such a small mirror isn't that easy, each eye sees a different angle. It makes for interesting perspective and proportions challenges!

Other sketches behind cuts

first attempt ever at ink drawing without pencil outline: my kitchen scalesCollapse )

other pencil sketchesCollapse )

Hope you liked :)

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Sat, Apr. 19th, 2008 05:04 pm

Franck and I took two days off to travel to Millau, which in the (smallish) mountains located in the middle of France. It's a great place for paragliding, so we did that! Only one day but it felt really good, since that's something else I had to stop doing for a time. The lifts were a tad weak and I guess that the flock of paragliders looked rather dense, but still, I flew for one hour and then decided to go to the landing - as opposed to had to go to the landing because of being too low - makes you feel like you won in the end!

Millau is a breathtaking place, a small town settled between dry, high limestone mesas and green lower hills. It's full of all sorts of birds, including vultures that were reintegrated twenty years ago. I remember going to watch them about that time, back when you had to go to the feeding place (an area where farmers were allowed to lay dead animals for the vultures to eat). Now they've reproduced and you can see them glide everywhere. I even flew with one for a short while. Magical! They're such big birds. I guess they're used to paragliders now and sort of pity us disabled flying people.

Sadly, I didn't take my camera with me while flying, but here are a few photos from before and after.

first day, too much wind to fly, but not too much for exercises on the landingCollapse )

Photos from our first day walk on the CausseCollapse )

Here's a panoramic view from the viaduct to the take-offs with the Tarn valley and Millau in the middle. I'm linking it because it's much too large for the post.

Panoramic without captions

The same with captions

then we decided to go back through the back country roadsCollapse )

and in the beech forests were daffodils. Hello, Sara!Collapse )

And two photos from home to finish...

one from before we leftCollapse )

and one from when we came backCollapse )

Sketches to come next, but not from our trip. Painting/drawing is an asocial activity when it lasts more than a few minutes, unless you're with other artists or you're willing to let people participate to the process. I think I'm still too shy and we were there to enjoy each other's company as well.


Thu, Apr. 10th, 2008 11:10 pm

So between the olive trees and the horses, I did sketch a bit nonetheless.

This is the one I did today.

There are a lot of those little cabins in the countryside around here. They're called cabanons or maisons de vigne and were used to store agricultural tools or to sleep closer to the fields/vineyards during the harvest. Now, most of those are ruined or kept up because of their owner's nostalgia - or because they're big enough to be turned into regular houses. Actually, our own house was a larger maison de vigne before we bought it and restored it!

The one I painted is much smaller, maybe 15-20 ft large. It used to be covered in a whitewash + red earth coating but lost it on one side so that you can see the stonework. The owner is careful to keep the roof up, though.

I painted it between 6 and 7:30 pm, and while the sky looks close enough to the real thing at the beginning of the painting session, clouds crept back rapidly afterwards and I was absolutely frozen! Four hours later I'm still cold.

here's a photo of the real cabin, so that you can compare!Collapse )

I painted the second sketch a few days ago : another cabin, but this one wasn't painted on location. I passed it while I was running, found it pretty and decided to try to sketch it from memory. The next day, I went back and took a photo, and well, there are discrepancies!

memories of a ruined cabanonCollapse )

And lastly, a pencil sketch I did when I paid a visit to the nearby town. I was supposed to buy medicines and bread - I got the medicines, but when I finished sketching, the bakery was closed and I was overdue for cooking the supper.

This street penetrates into the oldest (medieval, mostly) part of the town, and as it's a small town, nearly a village, the houses look like country houses, high and narrow, without much architectural complications. Some of these houses were restored, such as the first one on the right, others are still decaying. A lot of doors look very low, I think because the level of the street rose with each new asphalt layer!

Hope you liked :)

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Thu, Apr. 10th, 2008 09:58 pm

Yay! My connexion is back up. Somewhere, our phone number/line/whatever had been changed with someone else's, so that the DSL didn't work any more and we kept getting phone calls for a mysterious unknown person. But the phone people repaired it all, and quicker than they had told me!

All in all, I hadn't really got time to get away from the computer. Well, only a bit! I thought I'd have more time for the current sketching frenzy, especially since I'm not working this week, and I sketched some, but not that much.

Instead, I finished pruning the olive trees, look! photosCollapse )

And then I got to know my sister's horse, and suffered because of itCollapse )

And here are two gratuitous spring photos, just because :)Collapse )


Tue, Apr. 8th, 2008 11:09 pm

Surfing the web with a dialup at 16.8 kbits/s is an exercise in zen.

Said zen attitude is required when DSL failure requires one to deal with tech support.

All in all, they tentatively suggested that my broadband connexion might be back up in a few days. Meanwhile, I might be slow in answering comments, I'll have a hard time looking at pictures and I can forget trying to upload any image. Let's hope this will make me draw more...

Heh. I didn't post for nearly one year, and now I'm having withdrawal symptoms because of a few days semi-hiatus!


Sun, Apr. 6th, 2008 01:31 am

Totally unrelated drawings

Firstly, today's tonight's attempt at watercolour for sketching_daily.

Franck and I are in the middle of trimming the olive trees, so I picked a few twigs, put them in a vase and painted. Oh boy, leaves are so long to paint! There's no short cut, you have to outline each of them. The vase, like the blue teapot you might have noticed in a recent photo, was done by a potter friend of mine (who happens to also be a colleague) using the raku technique.

behind the cut, a photo of my working table at the end of the painting processCollapse )

And now for something completely different!

yesterday's sketch, Franck watching TV in an interesting (but worksafe!) positionCollapse )

I posted the next one in sketching daily yesterday as well, though I made in November when I was stuck at home and spending the time watching old American movies.

1970 Charles Bronson, heh, you already know I like him ;)Collapse )

And lastly, some 2007 postcard art I hadn't posted here. It was done on the occasion of the birth of our niece's twins.

one of the very rare watercolours I did in 2007, I thinkCollapse )

That's all! I hope you found something you liked :)

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